Guardian Angel

Cindy Kerschner 2010

To My Granddaughter

When you were born
the angels cast your name upon the wind.
Its echo traveled with the tides,
returning in a splash of rain.
Deep inside your tiny body awaits a spirit
with the strength to crumble mountains.
A precious flower yet to bloom,
with skin as delicate as butterfly wings.
Your whole face smiles.
In your cries I hear the voices
of generations yet to come,
and the wisdom of all that went before you.
I wish for you the deepest passion for life,
and all the happiness that love can bring.
A heart that is quick to heal from sorrow
and the initiative to dance in the rain.
Know the glory of a sunrise with each new day
and the peace of sunset at your day’s end.

2000 Blue Mountain Poetry Contest Winner


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