Pineapple Lovers Beware!

Pineapple Lovers Beware!
Sweet, sweet pineapple sitting on my counter, you’re so juicy and inviting. I think I’ll cut you up and have a big bowl!
Ummm. Delicious! Wait! What’s happening? Oh no, it’s Attack of the Killer Pineapple better known as Pineapple Tongue!
Don’t get pineapple tongue. Trust me. It is not pretty.
Pineapples come from the Bromeliad Family of plants, which contain a natural occurring enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme has the ability to tenderize meat tissue by breaking down collagen. Works great on steak but unfortunately works great on your tongue fibers too!
Here are a few tricks to help avoid it or at least lessen the effects.
Only eat fully ripened pineapple. A pineapple should be yellow in color and smell sweet on the bottom.
Rinse cut pineapple before eating to help get rid of acidic juices.
It’s been said a little salt helps neutralize the acid. I’d prefer an alkaline like yogurt or cottage cheese.
Even though I knew about pineapples and bromelain I ate too much anyway. I won’t do it again though! Pineapple 1, Cindy 0!


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