Candied Flowers Made Easy

Candied edible flowers add a lovely touch as garnish to baked goods, salads and appetizers. Violets, Johnny-jump-ups, and Pansies are in season now.

Candied Violets

If you are serving edible flowers, there are a few rules to follow:
1. Make sure the species is safe for human consumption. Check with your local county agricultural extension office for a complete list.
2. Know your source. Flowers need to be free of pestcides, and/or herbicides.
3. Control the amount per serving. Introducing new foods can cause gastric distress for some people.
Candied Violets
Fresh violets rinsed and pat dry
1 egg white
castor (super fine sugar)

Gently coat all exposed area of the flower with egg white. Sprinkle with sugar. Repeat adding egg and sugar until completely covered.

Place finished sugared flowers between wax paper and store in a cool dry place for one to two days or until hardened.


3 thoughts on “Candied Flowers Made Easy

  1. Probably the easiest way for getting pesticide free flowers is to grow them yourself! I have given up on the search for buying them in the organic state. Also, buying them already candied is very expensive! This is a great tutorial and I am glad I popped in to see this. Well done!

    • Thanks Tina! I agree with you that the best way to know its organic is to grow it yourself. If you don’t have garden space, flower pots and windowsills work too!

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