Locked and Loaded Lower Calorie Red Smashed Potatoes

locked and loaded red potatoes

Cindy Kerschner 2012

I love potatoes. Take Loaded Red Smashed Potatoes for example with lots of butter, sour cream, cheddar, bacon bits, and chives. Instant heart attack, right? Enjoying these beauties doesn’t need to include a trip to the hospital. Here’s some tips to bring those calories down and flavor up!
Try substituting nonfat cheddar and nonfat sour cream to cut calories and choleserol. Using dried bacon bits only adds about 30 calories per tablespoon, still use it sparingly. Heavy up on chives or green onion for extra kick. Use a little salt substitute and you won’t notice there’s no butter. Last but not least, leave the skins on for added texture and nutrition!


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